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Since 2005, ICPS nonprofit management and grant writing company, has assisted nonprofits and for-profit managers to become legitimate organizations from coast-to-coast throughout the United States. Her first international success was incorporating her own faith-based organization in Nairobi, Kenya. Jackie Dozier and her vetted vendors have taken dreams and made them materialize into incorporated, tax-exempt and sole-proprietorships with all the required documents and processes that make them eligible for grants and contracts, therefore, viable organizations conducting business in local communities, states and foreign countries.

Jackie has been working with nonprofits since 1984 in multiple states and holds certificates in various disciplines. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Sociology and many hours in Criminal Justice. Her Master’s Degree is in Human Resources Development, a business technology specialty. She is a grant writer scoring upwards of 80% and more successfully submitted grant applications. Though she has worked with local governments, two of her personal successes are the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services Grant and Caddo Parish School District’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant (Shreveport, LA).

Expertise includes: Assumed Names (DBA), Employee Identification Numbers (EIN), State Incorporations, State Tax Exempt Status, IRS Tax Exemption, 4 Mandatory Documents, Cooperative and Service Agreements and Contracts; Business Forms; Board, Staff Training and facilitation, One-on-One and Group Consultation; Program Development (with expertise in after school programming); SBA Loan Applications; Tax Documents and more.


Contact Information:

Phone: (346)616-4777 Email:

Facebook: @IntegrityconsultingLLC

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, services are currently conducted virtually.



Collaborating with nonprofit organizations, faith communities, businesses, corporations  and individuals with a mission to plan, network, communicate and enhance collective skills to build  better communities and territories.


Taking Thoughts, Desires and Dreams and Making Realities!

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