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Integrity Consulting & Professional Services, LLC is a one-stop consulting agency. The following are the services we provide and we have a long list of vendors that can provide additional services. Competitive rates and Fee Schedule provided.

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Becoming an IRS 501c3 Nonprofit Organization

$1499 + state and IRS filing fees

  • 15 mins - 1 hour initial consultation

  • Filings:  State documents,  

  • Employee Identification Number (EIN)

  • 4 Mandatory Documents including Bylaws, development of the Mission & Vision Statements,  

  • NTEE Codes, NAICS Codes 

  • Up to 2 hours consultation and completion of the Initial Program Development and the associated Organization and Program Budget. 

  • Complimentary copy of a board manual with its legal duties and responsibilities 

  • Additional Consultation for existing customers $80 per hour billed in 30-minute increments 

  • 3-6-12 month coaching/consulting agreement – starting at $199 - $399 per month 

Miscellaneous Documents 

Starting at $59+ 

Additional Services for Additional Fees

  • IRS form 990EZ (5 pages with Schedules A and O) for federal tax exemption. $699 - $1200

  • Filing long form of 990 (13 pages) is an additional $799 

  • Tax: 990-N (e-postcards) is  an additional $59

  • Edited/Revised Mission and Vision Statements 

  • Nonprofit Assessment Document 

  • Nonprofit Program Descriptions  

  • Evaluation Tools and Instructions 

  • Measurement Instruments 

  • Program Sustainability Plan 

  • Contracts 

  • Memorandums of Agreement/Understanding  

  • Business Cooperative Agreements 

  • Response Letters  

  • Business Plans 

  • W9s 

  • *1099-MISC 

Becoming a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Kenya, Nigeria, South Sudan


To Be Discussed

Reinstatement of IRS 501c3 Status after Revocation


Starting from $599 + state filing fees

  • Electronic Filing long form 1023 with Schedules and attachments

Human Relations & Employment 


To Be Discussed

  • Employment Acquisition and Recruiting 

  • Vetting Employees and Consultants 

  • Training and Development  

  • Payroll 

  • Employee and Labor Relations 

  • Benefits 

  • Organizational Development 

Start-up Registration for Limited Liability Companies and S-Corps


$399 + state filing fee 

  • State filing fee varies 

  • Cooperative Agreement 

  • Up to 2 hours coaching/consulting 

  • Employee Identification Number (EIN)

Competitive Grant Writing – Premiere Service 


$50 - $9,999+ 

  • Target, Walmart, Sponsorship Letters, Banks, Businesses 

  • US Foundations, States, Federal (grants, gov) + 2 to 15 hours consultation 

  • Registrations at 

  • Registration for Duns; Unique Identifier  

  • International Grant Writing 

Information Technology Services

See Vendors for Rates  

  • Website Designs and Logos  

  • Content Creation 

  • All Social Media Platforms Designed and Synced 

  • Consultations 

  • Additional Services and Fees as Requested


Board, Staff, Program Development Trainings

Contact for initial consultation - 15 mins

Excellent and Successful Grant Writing

Contact for initial consultations - 15 mins

Training on all things Non-profit

Contact fot initial consultation - 15 mins



Branding & Design

Logos, Flyers/Posters, Business cards, letterhead, Banners & Billboard design.


Content Marketing, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Video/Animations, Voiceover Creation.

Website Design

Landing Pages, Business Website, E-commerce, WordPress Websites.


Computers, Smartphones

and General IT concerns - Mike Adkins, Microsoft Certified Professional

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